About Us

Brothers Environmental LLC

Brothers Environmental LLC is a locally-owned and family operated construction company serving Connecticut. We specialize in Asbestos abatement, Mold remediation, PCB removal, Selective Interior & Exterior Demolition, Shot blasting, and Roofing services.

Brothers Environmental is owned and operated by three brothers who have over 25 years experience in the Construction Industry.

Brothers Environmental provides services for a variety of clients including but not limited to Industrial & Commercial facilities, Residential homeowners, State, Local and Federal Governments, and Private & Public building owners.

About Brothers Environmental

Brothers Environmental is licensed and insured in the State of Connecticut.

Why Choose Us?

At Brothers Environmental quality is not just a word. With qualified and trained industry professionals on our team we will deliver results to exceed your expectations.

Let Brothers Environmental take the worries away and replace it with the confidence of a properly completed project by a company you can Trust.

Brothers Environmental strives to provide quality workmanship, a safe working environment, responsive service and a strong experienced workforce.

Javier Solis

Javier Solis is a hardworking family man. He has been in the Construction Industry for over 15 years. He started as a worker and laborer and became a Supervisor for multiple project types, sizes and durations. Javier originates from Ecuador and is blessed to have the opportunity of running his own company with his brothers in the USA.

Washington Solis

Washington Solis was born in 1981. Originally from Ecuador, Washington came to the US when he was 17 years old. He went to school to learn English at the age of 18, and started working in construction. In 2000, he was hired as an asbestos worker for an asbestos contractor and worked there for 20 years. Five years were spent as a worker and fifteen years as a supervisor. After all of this, he decided to start his own company alongside his brothers to fulfill his dream of having his own company.

Robinson Solis

Robinson Solis is a humble, respectful and hardworking man with dreams and goals. He emigrated to this beautiful country of the USA in 2003 and worked for a company as an asbestos worker and laborer for 14 years and in 2018 as a supervisor.